NLCS Game 3

In situations like these, where the Dodgers are down two games to none, if I were addressing my team I would tell them the story about the man in the boat.


He was 1,000 yards off shore when the boat capsized.


He swam with all the drive, determination and heart he had.


He swam for 997 yards, and drowned.


What good is it for him to swim 997 yards?  He should have drowned when the boat capsized.


So I ask you, are you going to drown, or are you going to reach the beach?


You see, the Phillies haven’t doen anything yet?  To advance to the World Series they have to win four.  But we have three games at Dodger Stadium, where earlier in the year we beat the Phillies four in a row.  The question is, will the Dodgers reach the beach?


God bless you Tommy.

Tommy it has been 43 seasons for me and I have cherished them all thankyou. Looking foward to season 44 see-you there. GO DODGERS!!!

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