Second-Guessing Joe Torre


Torre.JPGBaseball is more second-guessed than any other sport in this country.  When people talk about football, not too many people are familiar with the nickel defense, the twenty five cent defense or the dollar defense or whatever.  But everyone, at one time or another, has played baseball and talks about the game.

Joe Torre is being second-guessed today in the media, and I want to say a thing or two about that. 

A second guesser is someone who has no idea about the first guess, and someone who needs two guesses to get it right.

Joe Torre, who has done a magnificent job all year, made a few decisions that only a manager can make.  It was a tough loss, and after games like last night’s where the Dodgers were up 5-3 going into the 8th, the second-guessers come out.

I used to tell my players that I will never criticize them for walking a batter because I walked batters.  I would never criticize them for making a wild pitch because I made wild pitches.  I would never criticize them for giving up a home run because I gave up home runs. 

But I would criticize them if they didn’t hustle, because I always hustled.  And I would criticize them if they didn’t put all their heart and determination into the game, because I always did.

And that’s what happened last night.  The team put all their heart into the game but came up short. 

To all you second-guessers, remember this; we are still alive.  Earlier this year we beat the Phillies four games in a row. 

Ten times this season, we’ve won three straight games…

Seventeen times this season, we’ve won back-to-back games on the road…

We’re 12-7 in our last 19 road games…

We’ve won 23 of our last 34 games…

Remember when we had $75 million on the disabled list?  Did Joe Torre make any excuses then?  No.  He always did his best to put a competitive team on the field.

He believed in them then, and he believes in them now.

Whether we win or lose tomorrow night, I applaud and commend Joe for a job well done.


Tommy, i want you to know I printed this out and I handed it out to everyone at my work and to all of my friends who are saying that we’re done.

Did the Dodgers roll over when the Yanks kept beating us year after year in the 50s? No.

Did the Dodgers throw in the towel in the bottom of the ninth, down a run in Game 1 of the 88 Series? No.

And did the Dodgers tuck their tails between their legs and bury their heads in the dirt when everyone was saying we had no chance of making it to the postseason? Hell no.

The Dodgers, “Dem Bums,” by definition are the scrappiest team in the Majors, we THRIVE on pulling ourselves out of the mud by the bootstraps and proving that we are champions.

It’s awesome you pulled up the same facts and figures that I did to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are far from being finished.

God bless you Tommy Lasorda.

GO TORRE!!!!!!!!!!!GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why I love you Tommy. You represent all Dodger fans who bleed Dodger Blue. We believe in our Team. At the end of the day . . . we always wear our Dodger Blue.

Go Dodgers!!!!!

I’ve been second guessing Torre all night long because it’s my right as a Dodger Fan.
Ethier is still sick about not coming through in the clutch and by the way they were two fantastic catches especially the sliding one.
Make believe it all ended on Monday.
They should just try to win what could be the last game at Dodger Stadium, this year of celebrating the 50th anniversary of leaving us flat in Brooklyn.
Keep them Phillies from celebrating in LA.
The big prize is that plane trip back to Philadelphia.

If you believe in the magic, and want it bad enough, (IT WILL HAPPEN!!!) GO GET IT BOYS.

Dear Mr. Lasorda,

I check your blog everyday to see if you have written something new and everytime I read your new post, my love for the Dodgers grow.

I was born in Torrence and grew up in Santa Monica, I was going to Dodger Stadium before I even knew how special a place it truly is.

Sadly, I moved away from CA when I was 10 years old. I have lived in many places in this great country, and even lived outside of the USA. With every new move and every new State, the residents there tried to sway me to leave my beloved Dodgers behind…but to no avail.

Now, as an adult, I reside in SW Florida and am able to follow my team at a few away games… ALWAYS decked out in my Dodger Blue, of course! Even my pedicure is Dodger Blue nail polish!

I have seen my boys of summer play in Ft Myers, Vero Beach and Miami. You and I actually met last year in Dodgertown. I was the crazy woman who nearly accosted you one evening while you were out for a walk with Chan Ho Park! (Sorry!) I was there this Spring, at Dodgertown, for our last game ever. We met again at Bobby’s Restaurant, and you’re right, it is the best restaurant in Vero Beach!

But I digress… Mr. Lasorda, there has been only two times where I have cried for my Dodgers. One was that last game in Vero Beach and the other, reading your blog today.

It pains me to think there are people who second guess Mr. Torre. I have complete faith in him and my Dodgers! I am looking forward to hanging a 2008 World Series T-Shirt next to my 1988 one!

With much love and respect,
Mara V.

Although I’d love to see Manny Ramirez back in Dodger Blue, I agree with Joe Torre’s assessment that we need pitching. I’d almost be willing to wait a season or two if we can bring up some of the kids in the farm system. When we sign expensive free agents, the ink is barely dry on their contracts until they go on the DL.

It was a great ride this season. Thank you, Tommy, for all you do for the fans.

Hello Tommy

If Manny does move on I think the Dodgers should have Andruw Jones see a professional therapist so he can discover the root of his ability return. He has great demonstrated talent for this game. Something is blocking his success. It may be physical or his mental approach. He is only 31 years old. He can return to his former greatness.
He just needs to work back to his ablities. The fans need to help him. I remmeber Gil Hodges slump at about the same age. Andruw there is hope & you have the natural talent.
I hope he can finish his career on a high as he began at a very young age.

Best of Luck from an old time fan ! !

I hear you Tommy. I have coached the little guys for years and as you well know I get second guessed quite a bit. I would never 2nd guess someone like Joe Torre. I do, with a smile on my face, remember 2nd guessing you when my Dad and I went to the Dodger vs. Houston one game playoff. You started Dave Goltz……….enough said. He probably earned it and wow was that a fun year.
Another issue……..SIR……..I have tried to contact folks in the office……..not for anything FREE……..but my Dad, born and raised in Brooklyn…….is going to be 70 this year and is not well. I was hoping to ask them to give me some insight on taking him down to Spring Training. We live in California but 3 hours from the ballpark. I bring him at least once a year and I paid premium dollars to take him to a playoff game with the Phillies. We lost……but the look on his face paid for the ticket.
My dissapointment here is with contacting the office through e-mail. They may or may not care about a fan of 65 years fom Brooklyn. I wanted to ask what may be available to a man like him but the e-mail was returned. The address, from the official site, was no good.
Again, I don’t want anything for free………I just want to take him down for 7 to 10 days to watch, live, and breathe baseball. It seems nobody with the Dodgers wants to hear it.
It’s all good……….but hurts……..and I will take him to his ballgame or two……….we just live to far away or I would buy as many ticjets as I could get. Again, the look on his face is wonderful for any son.
Thought you should know how a lifelong fan felt. Please don’t be angry with me. Shoot, I don’t even know if you will ever read this.
Mark Andersen

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