Happy Birthday, Frank!


Thumbnail image for Sinatra 2.JPGToday is Frank Sinatra’s birthday.  We should all celebrate because he was a tremendous man who touched many, many lives.

He did something for me that I never ever thought possible, and that I will always be thankful for.

Frank called my mother and my sister-in-law answered.  He asked for Ma Lasorda and said it was Frank Sinatra calling.

My sister-in-law hung up in him.

I called back and said, “Hey, that was really Frank.  Put Mom on the phone.”

Frank told my mother that he was coming to Philadelphia for a concert and wanted to invite her to be his guest.  He also told her that he wanted her to cook my favorite meal, scarole and beans, and hot peppers and sausage.

Well, to ask an Italian lady to cook is very high honor.

So Frank comes to Philadelphia and pulls onto our block. Jilly, his right-hand man, gets out of the car and knocks on our neighbor’s door.  He asks is Ma Lasorda is there, and of course she tells him that she lived next door.

That lady saw Frank and within 20 minutes there was a swarm of cars and the police had to be called in.

The next night at the concert, Frank sent a limo to pick up my mother.  There was a doctor and nurse in the limo who Frank wanted there just to make sure she was okay.

They got to the show, and her seats were in the front row. As Frank started the show, which was at the Valley Forge Theater, he introduced her to the crowd, came down from the stage to give her a kiss and flowers, and dedicated the entire show to her.

What a man!

So today I wish Frank’s family all of my love, and I will always treasure the memories we made during our friendship.

Happy Birthday, Frank.


I hope your still having your scarole & beans, hot peppers and sausages, Tommy.
Everybody else in you story above, including Frank will be with us forever.
You’re having a blessed life and may you always.
By the way can you put in a word for Manny Ramirez, the team can sure use him.
Oh yes, and Happy Birthday to ol’ blue eyes.

Guys and Dolls was just on last night – I had no idea about his birthday. Great singer, great actor – what more could you want? I know your mother had to be absolutely thrilled!

Hello Tommy-
I was wondering if you could please answer a question for me. I live in Reno, NV and was recently at a Nevada Wolfpack Basketball game, long story short I thought I heard them say you were coming to Reno to speak. Is this true? If so please let me know when and where. Would love to see you in Reno again! All my best.

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