I Came Here to Deliver a Message


Sacred Heart.JPGI arrived in Seattle today and went to Sacred Heart Catholic School to speak to the kids.  There were about 1,000 youngsters there, and the message I delivered was what it would take for them to make it in life.

I told them that self confidence was the first step towards success.

I told them that the only person who could stop them from reaching their goals was themselves.

I told them that they owe their parents love and respect.

And I told them that there are three ways we learn in life:

C = conversation.  Just think how much we learn by talking to others.
O = observation.  Just think what you’ve learned by watching what goes on around you.
P = participation.  Just think what you’ve learned by doing.

It is always a pleasure to talk to students.  Investing in education is the most important investment we can make.  Education is something that nobody can take away from you once you’ve got it.

I went to catholic school as a kid and to this day I carry a picture of Sister Core Immaculate in my briefcase.  She was the only person who believed in me.  She would talk positively to me when everybody else around me would tell me how bad I was.

When I was named Manager I went to the World Series in 1977 in my first year. We lost the series, but when I went home to Norristown, PA they had a parade in my honor, and I had Sister Core Immaculate ride in the car with me.

Love and respect.

I will never forget how she treated me and how good she made me feel about myself.


Conversation, Observation and Participation🙂
I couldnt agree more, I shall see that my 10 year old daughter has an oppourtunity to reflect on wisdom from a man I admire.
God Bless you and your wonderful family Tommy🙂

Your message is an important one to students.

Working as a counselor in Seattle area schools has given me a first hand look at the problems and needs of the students. Your words, “I told them that the only person who could stop them from reaching their goals was themselves” are so true.

Keep up the good work you do to inspire our children.

God Bless,
Robert Rigg

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