Junior Olympians


005.jpgTonight I spoke to the Irvine Novaquatics Swim Club.  It is a group of about 150 youth swimmers who are training to be Olympians.

It was a pleasure to speak to them, as I love to motivate youngsters, athletes and anyone who’s goal it is to represent our country.

I managed the 2000 US Olympic baseball team to its first and only Gold Medal.  It was an honor and privilege to do something for my country.  I hope each of these youngsters has the same chance one day.

I told them that in order to succeed, to reach their goals, they have to believe in themselves, and to outwork their opponents.

Self confidence is the first step towards success, and success can only come down the avenue of hard work.

Making the US Olympic Swim Team is a very hard thing to do.  Some think it is impossible, but the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.

How bad do you want it Nova?

Only you can answer that question.


Mr. Lasorda, I really hope they bring baseball and softball back to the Olympics.


Thank you for inspiring the NOVA swimmers! They were victorious this weekend at Junior Olympics! Thank you, again, for taking the time! Your talk will always be a great memory for them!


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