Albuquerque: Welcome Tim Wallach


Wallach.jpgI was in Albuquerque this morning for a press conference announcing Tim Wallach as Manager of our triple-A affiliate.

Albuquerque, welcome your new Isotopes manager, Tim Wallach.

Tim is a tremendous baseball man.  He spent 17 seasons in the big leagues, and three playing for me.  Our farm director, De Jon Watson, decided to hire Tim because of his vast knowledge of the game, and I congratulate him on his wise decision.

Tim is going to be an outstanding manager.  Like I said, he knows the game very well, he loves baseball, and he loves young players.

He is a good teacher, just ask Adrian Beltre.  When Tim was our batting coach Beltre hit 48 home runs.

I know Tim will have a great impact on our young players and help them make the next step from triple-A to the big leagues.

Good luck, Tim.  I’ll see you soon in Albuquerque.


When I land at LAX my miles-traveled this year will be:



Good to see the Dodgers hiring former players for important positions.
Maybe Tim will turn into another Mike Scioscia, but this time they’ll hold on to him.

Tim Wallach stands out as one of the great under rated stars in the game. Watching him play in Montreal, he was a clutch hitter, wonderful fielder and great ambassador for the Expos. His assault on the doubles record is one I’ll always remember.He and Larry Parrish were solid at third base for a long time.

The Expos should be remembered for having one of the best farm systems and scouting staffs since Branch Rickey. Being a small market club and being hit hard by the strike, fans lost faith with MLB. The team was well run but the fans could not forget the torment the strike had caused.What might have been.

Tim will be great for the Dodgers.He has the right temperment to keep a club in focus for the long haul.I wish him well.

I would like to see the Dodgers honour those AAA players in their system in the 50’s and early 60’s who didn’t crack the big club because of diminished jobs compared to today.

Lorne Richardson

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