Mexico City


Tommy and Fernando.JPGI am here in Mexico City promoting the World Baseball Classic.  Mexico City is hosting Pool B of the first round which consists of Mexico, Cuba, South Africa and Australia.

The games will be played here March 8-12.

It is great down here, and the people are very generous.

I guess it is part of their culture.

I can remember when Fernando and Vincente Romo came to me with a bag of peppers.  They had heard that I like peppers, but these were supposed to be the hottest peppers on the face of the earth.

They didn’t think I could stand them.

They told me they had peppers that no human being could eat.

I put the first one in my mouth and said, “No picante.”

“No Picante,” they said.

No picante.

I put another in my mouth and again said, “No Picante.”

“No picante?!” They couldnt believe it.

I did this again and again with about eight of those peppers, each time, no picante.

They just could not believe it.

As soon as they left my office I yelled at the top of my lungs that my mouth was on fire and ran to the shower.  I opened my mouth and turned on the shower hoping it would help.

It felt like someone had poored gasoline in my mouth and lit a match.


That’s one thing I can’t eat, hot peppers

Can’t beat a good hot pepper! Great story, keep them coming!!

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