Ciudad de Mexico


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Today was another great day in Mexico City.

I started the day on a sight seeing tour bus and drove around the city looking at all the monuments and historical buildings. Then Idid more interviews, had some lunch, and then went to a bull fight.

It was an experience like I’ve never had before.

But I was particularly honored when the torero came over to me and presented me with his montera. 

That is a great honor, and I was overwhelmed by his gesture.

After the bull fight I went to a department store and held an autograph session.  There were quite a few fans wearing Dodger hats and shirts, which made me very happy.

The people here have been wonderful. When you visit a city, it’s not the buildings or bridges or streets that you remember; it’s the people.

So I look forward to returning for a game or two of the World Baseball Classic, as Mexico City is a host city in the first round, and the four teams that play here are Mexico, Cuba, South Africa and Australia.

Viva Mexico!

Tomorrow we fly back to Glendale and resume spring training with the Dodgers.

My travel miles to date are:



Thank you Tommy for representing baseball to other countries. I admire the fact that you haven’t slowed down and still have the passion for baseball that you had when you managed full time for the Dodgers. You have always been true blue for the Dodgers and Major League Baseball in general.

Take care, Tommy


I was given your name as a reference by M You may contact me via this blog or my email address Thank you

I was given your name as a reference by Mike Okun. He is the CEO of Media World based out of buffalo NY. I simply wanted to confirm your relationship. You can contact me via this blog or through my email address Thank you.

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