Puerto Rico


PR.jpgI’m in San Juan promoting the World Baseball Classic as it is a host city for Pool D of the first round.

The games will be played March 7-11.

I came down here in 2006 to see the games. I saw Puerto Rico v Dominican Republic. You’ve heard that saying that they were hanging from the rafters? Well, in this game, they litteraly were hanging from the rafters. So much enthusiasm.

Of course I’ve been coming to Puerto Rico for many, mnay years. I was a player here in winter ball. I played for Mayaguez and then with Santurce.

There has always been a rivalry here with the Dominicans, and this Classic is no different. So let’s take a look at which country is really better:

The best Dominican player I ever saw was Felipe Alou. The best Puerto Rican was Roberto Clemente.

Winner: Felipe was much better when Roberto came into the league. He made Roberto look like an amatuer. But Roberto got hotter than a Dominican trumpet player real quick. Unfortunately his career was cut short so we’ll never really know who was better.

Dominicans love Presidente beer and Puerto Ricans love Medalla.

Winner: I only drink Lasorda wine

Dominicans love the muerenge and the Puerto Ricans love to salsa dance.

Winner: I used to be great on those hard woods and loved to do both, but it really depends on how good your partner is.

The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are both island nations with beautiful beaches, but who’s are nicer?

Winner: I have no idea because I’m always at a ball field.

Both the Dominicans and the Puerto Ricans love their rice and beans, but who’s are better?

Winner: Does anybody know where an Italian restaurant is?

Most beautiful women?

Winner: Sorry boys, I’ve been married for 59 years.

I love both countries very much as the people are tremendous. Both coutnries love baseball and both countries are working very hard to improve the future of their respective nations for future generations.

So who’s going to go further in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico?

Only gypsies predict…..


Now that I’m in San Juan my miles traveled this year are:



Fabulous article Tommy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great trip and a great time during the WBC. Don’t get any of our boys injured during the games! Especially the Cubs players…we’re going to need all of them this season if we want to get past your Dodgers or anyone else in the NL this year come the playoffs (assuming we make them that is). Have fun and get home safe! (pun intended)

Prose and Ivy

The Dominicans have great hitters, but the Puerto Ricans have great catching–another tough call. My favorite Cardinal, Yadier Molina, will be catching for Puerto Rico, while my favorite Dominican (Pujols) sits out, so that settled it for me–Go Puerto Rico!!

D.R. over P.R…. but let’s see the Stars and Stripes win it all!!!

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