March 2009

Remembering Pierre Sicari

Pierre Sicari.jpg


We recently lost a dear friend, Pierre Sicari.  Pierre was my barber since my days with the Montreal Royals, but more importantly, he was a friend who I loved very much.

Pierre had a generous heart, was always willing and happy to help his friends and family, and loved being of service to others.

Pierre’s barber shop looked like a sports museum.  He had pictures and memorabilia that would make any Dodger fan envious and impressed.  He was always happy to show people each and every picture on his walls, and would love to tell a story or two about whoever was in the picture with him.

Pierre loved baseball and boxing.  He would come to Dodger games all the time, and I was always happy to see him at Dodger Stadium.  I met Pierre in Montreal when his parents, who were great baseball fans, invited me over to their house for dinner. 

Of course he was a little boy at that time and every time I would come over we would play catch in his front yard. 

When he moved to Los Angeles our relationship grew and our families became close.  His wife Susie is as sweet as can be, and his here children are beautiful.

I am going to miss sitting in Pierre’s barber chair, but even more so I’ll miss his friendship.

Round 2


36750.jpgI have been traveling the world for the 2009 World Baseball Classic.  We are really putting on the miles, as I just got back from San Juan.

I would like to congratulate the United States, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Cuba for advancing.

With eight teams left to play, we’ll see who wants to win the ’09 Classic the most.

Now the real work begins…

If You Aint Dutch, You Aint Much



The Heineken is flowing at Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

Congratulations to Team Netherlands and to coach Rod Delmonico.

I have known Rod for many years as he got me to speak to his team three times.

This latest speech was an honor to deliver.

Rod asked me to speak to Team Netherlands befoer the game they played against Puerto Rico.

They were riding high after beating the Dominicans in their first game. And they beat them mighty Dominicans without hitting the ball out of the outfield.

I got them in the clubhouse and told them that it isn’t always the fastest man who wins the race, nor is it the strongest man who wins the fight. But it’s the one who wants it more than the next guy.

Well they wanted it badder than the Dominicans did, and they won.

I told them in order to win they had to execute the fundamentals, and that’s what they did.

They played for the name on the front of their shirts, not for the name on the back.

I just hope they don’t try to change my name to Tommy Von Lasorda.

92 Degrees in Phoenix and 32 Degrees in New York


Tommy Lasorda OBS.JPGI am here in the great city of New York. 

I love it here.

When I left Phoenix it was 92 degrees and here in New york it’s 32 degrees.

I have always loved coming here.  When I was managing at Shea Stadium, I would holler at the NYPD officers and say, “Hey guys, hold your heads up high.  You represent the second greatest police force in the country.”

Of course they would all holler back at me.

After one of our games against the Mets the clubhouse kid told me that there were a bunch of NYPD officers outside waiting for me.

When I came out they presented me with an old, scuffed-up ball that they had all signed and it read, “To Tom Lasorda, the second greatest manager in baseball.”

I have nothing but respect and admiration for the NYPD.  In fact, last night I had dinner with Chief Esposito and his crew.

This morning I ran into Rudi Giuliani at FOX as I was leaving.  I tried to convert him to being a Dodger fan, but even with Joe Torre as our skipper he still wouldn’t convert.

From there we went to the Empire State Building.

Tommy Lasorda switch.JPGThey had a ceremony where I fillped a switch and turned the lights of the building to the colors of the World Baseball Classic: red, blue, green and yellow.

Then we went up to the observation deck. 

What a view.  What a city…

Tomorrow I’m off to Toronto to watch USA play Canada in the first round of the World Baseball Classic.

12th Anniversary


Tommy and Ted Williams.JPGTwelve years ago today I received a call in the press box at Hollman Stadium, which is at Dodgertown in Vero Beach, FL.

It was from my good friend Ted Williams.

I will never forget what he said, as he told me, “I thought I was the only guy in the Hall of Fame that loved you but I guess everybody else does.”

“Congratulations, you are going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

It was a dream come true, and to hear it from one of baseball’s immortals was even more meaningful.