92 Degrees in Phoenix and 32 Degrees in New York


Tommy Lasorda OBS.JPGI am here in the great city of New York. 

I love it here.

When I left Phoenix it was 92 degrees and here in New york it’s 32 degrees.

I have always loved coming here.  When I was managing at Shea Stadium, I would holler at the NYPD officers and say, “Hey guys, hold your heads up high.  You represent the second greatest police force in the country.”

Of course they would all holler back at me.

After one of our games against the Mets the clubhouse kid told me that there were a bunch of NYPD officers outside waiting for me.

When I came out they presented me with an old, scuffed-up ball that they had all signed and it read, “To Tom Lasorda, the second greatest manager in baseball.”

I have nothing but respect and admiration for the NYPD.  In fact, last night I had dinner with Chief Esposito and his crew.

This morning I ran into Rudi Giuliani at FOX as I was leaving.  I tried to convert him to being a Dodger fan, but even with Joe Torre as our skipper he still wouldn’t convert.

From there we went to the Empire State Building.

Tommy Lasorda switch.JPGThey had a ceremony where I fillped a switch and turned the lights of the building to the colors of the World Baseball Classic: red, blue, green and yellow.

Then we went up to the observation deck. 

What a view.  What a city…

Tomorrow I’m off to Toronto to watch USA play Canada in the first round of the World Baseball Classic.


Funny stuff, Tommy as always.

You and the Energizer Bunny ought to make a commercial Tommy. Keep having fun🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lasorda talks to MLB Network
MLB Tonight and Lasorda talk Manny and the Classic

I watched this short interview today, March 6,09.
I have been your fan and respected you as great baseball man.
But you have disappointed me so badly today.
First, you won’t coach baseball team in any other country but U.S.A.
I think you waste your knowledge and experience even whole world respect you as baseball ambassador.

Second, you have said “America is the greatest including girls softball”
Yes, I agree with you if you only talking about in the baseball diamond.
Please do not forget, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, these are pure Americans and cheaters.
Or how about one softball player stepped up to medal podium during Beijing Olympic Games with dark sun glasses.
Much smaller amateur softball team beaten big professional Americans.
Whole American team should have wore dark sun glasses.
At last, I would have hear your 100% honest opinion regarding A-Rod, Bonds and Roger Clemens.

Mr. Lasorda,

Something I’ve always wanted to know: Does Tom Niedenfuer still have nightmares about Games 5 & 6 from the 1985 NLCS? Every time I see those highlights, the look on his face is one of sheer bewilderment. As a Cards fan, I loved it…but as a baseball fan, I have to say he had some pretty brutal times against St. Louis in the 80’s.



Say Tommy,
While you were in town, did you get a chance to get down to Bamonte’s?


On to another subject.

Even the most inteligent, seasoned & experienced baseball man can have a change of heart for the sake of the team.

Please consider reuniting Manny & Pedro for ’09.

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