If You Aint Dutch, You Aint Much



The Heineken is flowing at Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

Congratulations to Team Netherlands and to coach Rod Delmonico.

I have known Rod for many years as he got me to speak to his team three times.

This latest speech was an honor to deliver.

Rod asked me to speak to Team Netherlands befoer the game they played against Puerto Rico.

They were riding high after beating the Dominicans in their first game. And they beat them mighty Dominicans without hitting the ball out of the outfield.

I got them in the clubhouse and told them that it isn’t always the fastest man who wins the race, nor is it the strongest man who wins the fight. But it’s the one who wants it more than the next guy.

Well they wanted it badder than the Dominicans did, and they won.

I told them in order to win they had to execute the fundamentals, and that’s what they did.

They played for the name on the front of their shirts, not for the name on the back.

I just hope they don’t try to change my name to Tommy Von Lasorda.


Nobody gives an inspirational pre-game speech like you Tommy. This was quite an upset.

Congratulation’s to the Netherland’s… another great day for the Dutch. Good luck the rest of the way🙂

You said that very often and it goes for all sports that you play for the name on the front of the uniform, not for the one on the back. This should go for all players.

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