Opening Day 2009


The season starts right now.  I love Opening Day because you’ve spent all winter waiting, all spring getting in shape and all of a sudden the games count.

Joe Torre did an outstanding job getting this team prepared to go all the way this year.  Ned Colletti and the McCourts have done everything in their power to bring a championship team to Los Angeles, which is something the fans here deserve.

I was 11-9 in my 20 Opening Days.  After one of those nine losses a writer asked me how I felt and I said, “Well at least I now know we won’t win them all this year.”

You see, before a single pitch is ever thrown, you know that your team will win at least a third of their games, which is 54.  And you know they’ll lose a third of their games, which is 54.  So what happens in the remaining 54 games will detremine where the team finishes.

I’m excited to see this 2009 Dodger team and I hope you are too.


Hi Tommy. Thank you for all the wonderful years you’ve given to baseball and the Dodgers. You and I have met twice, not counting an autographed ball over the wall and when I stood in line to get you to sign your book for my wife. I was in the company of a lovely girl singer, the dotter of an old friend of yours, and you hosted us in your lux box. On a second occasion, that lovely girl singer connected us with you again, and I had my 93-year-old mom with me. You were wonderful to her and she recalled that night until she passed last July at age 97.

I’m writing to ask you why 2-1 is “the manager’s count” for something like putting on a hit and run. Vin has been saying this for decades, but he has never splaned it. The count will reach 2-0, and he says nothing. Then, the pitcher throws a strike and Vin proclaims NOW is the manager’s count and let’s see if the hit and run is on. I found myself sitting in front of Ross Porter one evening at the Hollywood Bowl and I asked him and he didn’t know why Vin always says that.

Why is 2-1 any better for a hit and run than, say 2-0?

Also – Congratulations on your recent wedding anniversary. Hang in there. You’re one of my heroes. So is Vin, by the way, and we bumped into him coming out of the press box the night my mom was with us and he was gracious and posed for a photo also.

Thanks again and best in everything.

Mike Morrison

Nothing like Opening Day to make us all feel like a little kid again! I hope you have a great season!


Tommy Lasorda or any longtime Dodger fan. I have been a Dodger fan since 1955 when my mother took me to Ebbets Field at age 7 to watch the Cincinnati Redd-LEGS face Johnny Podres,forever a Dodger hero. Could you tell me how well you knew longtime Dodgers PA announcer John Ramsey? He had the greatest voice for all P.A. announcers with his slow & relaxing voice. Could you email me my other address with a comment Thank You.

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