May 2009

Roll Tide Roll


Kelsi Dunne.jpgI would like to congratulate the University of Alabama softball team for advancing to the Women’s College World Series.

They did so on the back of sophmore pitcher Kelsi Dunne, who threw not one but two no-hitters against Jacksonville State to advance.

Kelsi, where were you when I was managing the Dodgers?

This win gives the Crimson Tide its sixth berth into the Women’s College World Series in the Series’ 13-year history.

I would especially like to congratulate Kelsi on her outstanding accomplishment, but I would also like to remind her that what she did yesterday doesn’t mean a damn thing today.

Go out and do it again!

Eye Love the Dodgers


Augustine 1.JPGI was the keynote speaker at a luncheon yesterday for the Disabled Veterans Business Council of California.  I was proud to do it because the DVBC sets up veterans who run their own businesses with clientelle.

It is always a privilege to be amongst America’s heroes, the men and women who have fought for, and sacrificed so much for us.  I have been to Walter Reed a few times and every time I go I am amazed that despite the loss of limbs, and other devistating injuries, the troops want to go back.  They want to rejoin their commrades and finish the mission.

They are my heroes.

Yesterday I met someone who really impressed me.  His name is Augustine Curiel, and he served in the U.S. Navy  First, and most importantly, he impressed me with his call to duty as he served his country in war.  Second, he is a Dodger fan.

How do I know that? 

Well, he lost an eye, and embedded in his glass eye is the Dodger logo.

There’s a saying in this country; if you don’t pull for the Dodgers, you may not get into heaven.  We know Augustine is in!

My Opinion of Dave Kingman


Kingman.jpgToday is a very memorable day in the history of Tommy Lasorda.  On May 14, 1978, we were playing the Cubs and Dave Kingman hit three home runs and drove in eight runs as the Cubs went on to beat us 10-7 in 15 innings.

After the game, a reporter named Paul Olden shoved a microphone in my face and asked me what my opinion was of Kingman’s performance.

The rest is history.  I’m sure you have heard the recording of the “interview.”

Remembering Danny Ozark


staff_card.jpgRecently we lost a Dodger, Danny Ozark.

Danny was my third base coach for a few years and did an outstanding job.  He was a baseball man, and loved everything about the game.  He was with the Dodgers for a long time and learned his craft with us before going to Philadelphia to manage the Phillies.

Although he had great success with the Phillies, and will be remembered by many as a part of their family, I say once a Dodger, always a Dodger, and for a man like Danny who loved the Dodgers so much, gave all of his effort and energy to our players, and made tremendous contributions to our team he epitomized what the Dodgers stand for.

More importantly though, Danny was a loving and devoted family man and someone whom I am proud to call a friend.




sombrero (2).jpgBuenos dias mis amigos!


Feliz Cinco de Mayo!