Remembering Danny Ozark


staff_card.jpgRecently we lost a Dodger, Danny Ozark.

Danny was my third base coach for a few years and did an outstanding job.  He was a baseball man, and loved everything about the game.  He was with the Dodgers for a long time and learned his craft with us before going to Philadelphia to manage the Phillies.

Although he had great success with the Phillies, and will be remembered by many as a part of their family, I say once a Dodger, always a Dodger, and for a man like Danny who loved the Dodgers so much, gave all of his effort and energy to our players, and made tremendous contributions to our team he epitomized what the Dodgers stand for.

More importantly though, Danny was a loving and devoted family man and someone whom I am proud to call a friend.



My deepest respects…I was a kid when Danny Ozark was the third base coach for the Dodgers. Hearing his name always brings back good memories of growing up as a Dodgers fan.

I remember Danny Ozark as a Dodger and as a competitor.
My condolences to his family, friends and love ones.

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