Dodgers and Dalmations


Cook-off.jpgYesterday I went down to Hope Street in downtown Los Angeles Fire Fighters Relief Association was holding its 12th annual “Hope for Fire Fighters” event, which benefits widows, orphans and disabled fire fighters.

“Hope for Firefighters” is the largest fundraiser of its kind in the nation.  Each year, fire stations from throughout the Los Angeles area line Hope Street in Downtown L.A., cooking their “firehouse specialties” for the community and competing for “best food” and “best dessert” and “best theme” trophies.  Tens of thousands of employees from the Los Angeles Financial District and high-rise office buildings of Bunker Hill pour out to attend this lively, lunch-time, street fair.  The event also includes a silent auction, live bands and corporate sponsored “Muster Teams” competing in the Bucket Brigade, Hose Cart Pull and Suit-Up and Life Ring Catch Competitions.

My role was that of celebrity judge, and I was responsible for trying a dish from each fire house that was competing in the cook-off.  Station 3, which is located on Alvarado and Sunset, was nice enough to grill Dodger Dogs, and while the other houses did an outstanding job with the carne asada, ceviche, fish tacos, jerk chicken, and tri-tip, you konw where my heart lies.

Hey, I know it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

It was great to see all the support for the firemen.  They risk their lives on a daily basis for our welfare, and I would like to publicly thank them for their sacrifice and bravery.


Tommy, tommy,
Take it easy with all the eating. We will have a hard time lifting you when you sit with us on the grass at the next WIN baseball clinic. I, like you have attended the ones at Dodger Stadium, Vero Beach and the last one at Camelback Ranch.
Take care and watch all the eating.

What a great event and what a worthy cause! I know the firefighters must appreciate you helping out.


Sound’s like fun Tommy, go ahead and eat, everyone else is🙂 Thanks to the firefighters…….:-)
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great event!
So, what I am wondering is how many Dodger dogs have you eaten over the course of your life? They are fantastic!🙂
Go Dodgers!!!!


I was in San Francisco September 30th, 2006 when you came down to your field level seat in AT&T Park. On the way you had to silence a Giants fan by sticking your World Series Championship ring in his face and saying: “Nice ring, but mine’s better.”

The Dodgers clinched a playoff spot that game but I’ll never forget shaking your hand that day.

Keep on supporting the real heroes like those fire fighters. You’re doing it right.

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