Welcome to the Greatest Organization in Baseball


miller.jpgWith our first pick in the draft (36th overall) we selected Aaron Miller, a left-handed pitcher from Baylor University.

Aaron, welcome to the Dodgers.

Aaron was the captain of the Baylor team, and as a left-handed pitcher myself I am happy to see him in our organization.

There was no draft when I signed.  At age 16, I signed a professional contract with Philadelphia.  The scout who signed me, Jocko Collins, had to come to my house and have my parents agree to the contract.

He offered me $100 per month, which was a fortune to me.  I later told Jocko that I wanted to sign so badly that if he would have held out 15 more minutes I would have paid him to play.

My father wanted me to go to college, but all I wanted to do was play baseball.  He pulled me aside and told me that while this was my decision he didn’t want me to come to him later in life with hatred and regret for not making me go to college.  Well, I always listened to my parents, but I wanted to play baseball so badly.

I singed the contract, but I had no idea where I was going or what was going to happen to me.

Aaron knows one thing for sure, that he will get the absolute best training to prepare him for the big leagues.  I congratulate his family on the outstanding accomplishmet and wish him nothing but success.

Now I can’t wait to see him in a Dodger uniform.


Good luck to Aaron!


The draft has got me excited about this season, so I made this video- Top5 Reasons to be a Dodger Fan. It’s dedicated to all the true blues…

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