A Wallach Family Reunion


draft 2009.JPGI really enjoyed being at the MLB Network studio for the draft.  I think they should hold it there every year.  For those of you who haven’t seen it alreay, you should go check it out, or at least tune in and get a feel for it.

With our third pick in the draft we drafted Brett Wallach.  Brett is the son of our triple-A manager, former Dodger first baseman, and former Dodger batting coach Tim Wallach.  We also have his older brother Matt Wallach in our farm system.

That’s three Wallachs in one organization!

It was a special pick for me though, as I have known Brett, and his older borther Matt, since they were babies.  Tim played for me for four seasons (1993-96).  He was a great Dodger then, did an outstanding job as our batting coach and is also doing an outstanding job in Albuquerque by teaching our youngsters about the game and showing them how to get to Dodger Stadium.

It was an honor to be able to select Brett, and I look forward to seeing him play professional baseball.  I just hope that one day Matt and Brett get their mail at Dodger Stadium like their father did.


That’s great that you were able to let Brett know he was selected. I’ll have to say that I got chills when I heard that the Red Sox drafted another Yaz!


Thank You Tommy for representing the Dodgers in the Draft. Having you help with the draft gave our scouts not only your two cents but a wisdom that not too many people have. The knowledge of Baseball coming from you is not only an honor but a pleasure for each one of those draft picks. How many draft picks can say I had TOMMY LASORDA help draft me? Not too many.

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