Disaster, Averted


cell phone.JPGWe’ve all been there.

That awful feeling when your cell phone is falling from your hand and all you can do is watch as it bounces off the concrete.


You feel your lifeline to the world shattering as the pieces of the phone fly all over the place.  And when you can’t put it back together because it’s just dead, you realize life just won’t be complete until you can replace it.

My phone went flying, and crashing, during the Prostate Cancer Foundation tour, and I can’t tell you how mad it made me.  I got a new phone, but not all of the number transferred because there were so many that they all couldn’t fit on the SIM card.  So I only had some of my numbers in the new phone, but not all of them.

I took the two phones to an AT&T Wireless store in New York.  At first, it didn’t look good as my old phone was just dead, and it didn’t look like they would be able to transfer all the numbers.

But David Fitzgerald and Steve Kushnir saved me, as they were able to get the job done.  There are three types of people, just like there are three types of ball players: the first makes it happen, the second watches it happen and the third wonders what has happened.  David and Steve made it happen, and they did so through endless effort and tremendous self confidence; they knew they could get the job done.

You see, 80% of the people you tell your problems to don’t care and the other 20% are glad that you have them.  But David and Steve cared, and took the time to make a difference and really help me out in a time of need.

David and Steve, thank you very much for your help.  You are both great assets to AT&T Wireless, as you represented the company to the highest degree of class, dignity and character.  I sincerely appreciate your help, and my last piece of advice to each of you is to remember this: If you don’t pull for the Dodgers there is a good chance you may not make it to heaven!


Glad to hear that you got your phone fixed Tommy. There is nothing like great customer service: The feeling that someone else cares when something goes wrong.

It leads me into a question that I have been contemplating for a while now:

Do you think that the Fans, especially Dodgers Fans, deserve an explanation or apology from Manny? He said he spoke to Frank McCourt, Joe, and his teammates….and that was it! What about us?

You have always stressed accountability and I just wondered what you thought about how Manny has gone about being accountable to Dodgers Fans.

Thank you for letting us know about some great people out there.


I am going to start calling you “Doc” with all those doctorates you have been receiving. Glad to hear you got great custome service for your cellphone. How did we ever live without those things?


Funny you should mention cell phones, Tommy.
You might think, I’m living in the past, but that’s alright I like the past.
I don’t own a cell phone and luckily I’ve never needed one, probably because nobody really needs me.
Well tonight I was discussing it with some friends and they suggested that I will be better off with one when I get to L.A.
on Friday.
So I’m thinking of getting my hands on one.
Might as well live in the present for a change since I’m flying for the first time in more than 45 years.

Happy Father’s Day!



Fantastic story Mr. Lasorda. I know David Fitzgerald and he is everything you say he is-as a matter of fact I miss him as my former boss. Glad you think so highly of him and AT&T Mobility.

P.S. Being that the Yankees have won so many World Series and Pennants, I would think God is a YANKEE Fan!!!:D

God bless you Mr. Lasorda, you are a True Legend, Baseball Icon and even though I do not know you personally, an even better Human Being! ALL the Best ALWAYS!!!


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