Preaching at Pepperdine


Pepperdine.JPGYesterday I had the honor and privilage of being a featured speaker at Pepperdine University’s Youth Citizenship Seminar.  This was my 15th year in a row speaking at this week-long seminar, and it is always one of my favorite engagements of the year.

Chancellor Charles Runnels, who has been a long-time friend, invites me every year as they invite about 300 of California’s top high school juniors to learn how to be better leaders.  A student will only be invited if they are already top of their class, and Chancellor Runnels invites motivational speakers to the seminar to help those youngsters improve thier skills.

Yesterday I sopke after George Foreman, who is an outstanding speaker himself.  I tried to impress upon them what it will take for them to succeed in life.  Of course they are young leaders, and I told them how much I admire them already because they are the future leaders of this country, but I also tried to relay that in order to be a great leader you have to be out in front of your people, but not too far out as to lose touch with them.

Three other characteristics that are very important to leadership, in my opinion, are vision, courage and service to others.  I told them they have to set their goals in life high and go after them with all the drive and determination they have within themselves.  And they can only do it with a tremendous sense of self confidence.  I have said it many times before, and I said it again yesterday, that self confidence is the first step towards success.

If you believe it, you can achieve it.

I love getting the hundreds of letters from the YCSers, and I am already looking forward to next year’s speech.

I would like to thank the chancellor, and his wonderful daughter Susan, for including me in the YCS, and for giving those kids such a wonderful opportunity to learn from the best, and to grow into being the best.


How lucky those kids are to hear you speak Tommy and how lucky we are to have you around.

Thank you for taking the time to inspire our young people.


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