Future Dodgers


Hawaii.JPGYesterday I was in Upland where I addressed a group of senior leaguers before they began play in the Western Regional Tournament.  It was a pleasure speaking to them, as I tried to impress upon them not just what it would take to win, but what it would take to succeed in life.

There were teams representing Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, and of course, a couple from California.  Some of these kids were so big I asked them if they were malted milk babies.

I told them to win with pride, and to lose with dignity.  And I told them how important it is to represent themselves, their families, and their home state to the highest degree of class, dignity and character.

I also told them to lay off the umpires.  They are like sacred cows in India; you can’t touch them.


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Sacred cows from India, I’m going to use that one. But you are right, much different than being a son of a Swamp Fox, very un-sacred!- Rudy Jr.

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