You Better Win Or….


IMG_0722.JPGYesterday I spoke to 36 youngsters who are trying out for USA Baseball’s 16 and Under team that will represent the United States in an international tournament in Taiwan.

Only 18 of  the 36 will make the team, but if you take the names of the 18 who don’t make it and check their progress in five years I am sure that most of them will be on their way to the big leagues.

I tried to impress upon them what an honor and privilege it is to represent the U.S. in any cirumstance, but especially when you are playing baseball.  I told them that they represent the greatest country in the world and that they weren’t going to do anything overseas to embarrass themselves, their parents, or our country.  All they are going to do is win, because baseball is America’s game.

When I took the 2000 USA Baseball team to Sydney, Australia in the Olympics I wanted to beat the Cubans because everybody told me we couldn’t, and I told them if they’ve been beaten before then they’ll get beaten again.  They told me I didn’t have a good team, and I told them all I cared was if they were alive.  My wife told me I was crazy for going to Australia with a bunch of kids I didn’t know and I told her that in 25 years there would be a trivia question of who is the only person to win the World Series and to help thier country win a Gold Medal; the answer would be me.

I wish the youngsters and their coaches the best of luck in Taiwan.  I truly hope they win, and I also hope they enjoy the experience because it is a special one.

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Keep up the good work Tommy, If anybody can get them fired up for winning it’s you!-Rudy Jr.

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