Loons Largesse



Boy did they surprise me!  The good people of Midland came out to see the Loons play and see me have my number (2) retired. 


Lasordas Landing.JPG

They also renamed a part of Dow Diamond after me, as it is now called Lasorda’s Laning.  What an honor!



After all the fanfare, which was very humbling, I had the opportunity to address the sold-out crowd.  I thanked them for their support of the Loons, and their support of me and the Dodgers. We are very fortunate to be affiliated with such a first class organization.  



I would also like to congratulate Juan Bustabad and his coaches on the outstanding job they are doing preparing the young ball players to make it to Dodger Stadium.  Keep your eye on the players on this Loons team because in a few years you will see quite a few of them in the big leagues.

My next stop is New York.  On Sunday I am being inducted into the Brooklyn Dodger Hall of Fame.


Congratulations Tommy! Love that section named in your honor! Lasorda’s Landing! It has a good ring to it. Congrats on being inducted into the Brooklyn Dodger Hall of Fame. I can’t wait to see you back at Dodger Stadium putting your feet up like you usually do.
Go Dodgers!

Congrats Mr Lasorda on the nice honor in Midland. It is a beautiful ballpark and a great community. I was able to spend 3 days there last year visiting my friend Busty. Thanks for recognizing Busty and his staff, they really do a great job with the team.

Go Dodgers!!!

We sure do miss you out on the field and in the dugout Tommy! Hey I wanted to let you know that had the pleasure of writing and publishing a book about the boys of summer. I think you will enjoy it too…you can visit my website at http://www.andrewlaz.com

I can’t find my previous post. My submit not working. This is a test.

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