Italian Dinner #1



il mulino.jpgLast night I had dinner at iL Mulino in the West Village.  It was outstanding.  I would like to thank Brian Gallighan and his lovely wife Deborah for hosting my family.  The pasta was delicious and the Lasorda Wine was a perfect pairing.  Brian and Deborah have a beautiful family as they are raising three well-mannered boys, Robert, Gregory and Grant.  A note to the scouts here on the East Coast: keep your eye on Robert.


The chefs and founders of iL Mulino are two brothers from Italy.  In fact, they were born and raised in L’Aquila, the regional capital of the mountainous countryside of Abruzzo, Italy. Abruzzo is my father’s home region, so you know the food has to be outstanding.


We also had the pleasure of dining with Chief Joseph Esposito of the NYPD.  He has been on the force for over 30 years and Chief of the Department for nine.


I told him the story of when we used to come into New York to play the Mets at Shea Stadium.  I would holler to the police officers guarding the dugouts to hold their heads up high because they represented the second greatest police force in America.


They’d holler back, of course.


Well, after one game the clubby told me there was a group of police outside waiting for me.  I went out and they presented me with an old, scuffed-up ball that they all signed and it said, “To Tommy Lasorda, the second greatest manager in all of baseball.”


I got a laugh out of that.


After their heroics during 9/11 I have to bump them up into the number one slot.  With all due respect to law enforcement everywhere, I have to commend the NYPD for their bravery in face of danger and for their commitment to serving and protecting despite the grave danger that faced them.


They are my heroes.


LOL! Tommy!
I had not heard that one and I have heard many of your stories!
Muchas gracias!

Like Emma, that’s the first time I heard that story.
Good to see you’re enjoying New York, but I’ll bet not this humid weather, we’re having lately.
I’m sorry I missed you when I was in Los Angeles.
Mr. McCourt asked me if there was anything else he could do for me, when he came to visit me at my seat at the game. I told him “no”, because he had done much more than I ever expected, but I’m sorry that I didn’t ask to see you.
I did see you sitting next to him near the Dodger dugout later on during the game, that’s when I thought about it.
It would’ve been our third meeting.
The last one was at Bamonte’s restaurant, in 1993,which I spoke of, with Mr. McCourt.
Well maybe someday.

It seems I left out my name,
Joe Pierre.

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