August 2009

Dodgertown, Inland Empire


Plaque.JPGLast Saturday I was inducted into the Inland Empire 66ers Hall of Fame.  I was honored to be recognized and appreciative of what the Inland Empire 66ers have done for me. 

I am also grateful to Dave Elmore and Donna Tuttle, and the Inland Empire 66ers fans.  They all treated me so well, and really made me feel welcome.

This induction is my 13th Hall of Fame.  I was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on August 3, 1997.  I have also been inducted into the Pacific Coast League HOF (2006), Canadian Baseball HOF (2006), Italian American Sports HOF (1989), California Sports HOF (2006), Montgomery County Coaches HOF (2002), South Atlantic League (2001), Albuquerque Baseball HOF (2007), and the Louisiana Italian American HOF (1985), the Cleveland Italian American HOF and the Rhode Island Italian American HOF.

Later this year I will be enshrined in the Brooklyn Professional Baseball HOF (August 16) and the Philadelphia Sports HOF (November 12).