My Town Italy Flyer.JPG


You are making me hungry! that menu looks better than the one we got for “Esta Es Mi Ciudad.”


I am making a special request. The Dodgers are in the playoffs, and that’s good.

It would be nice to go into the playoffs with a winning momentum. I don’t feel that this team feels confident at all – and their play the last few days showed it. Joe Torre has been too calm.

On behalf of Dodgerstown, I request that you fly down to San Diego tomorrow and light up a fire in their bellys. You did amazing work last year at the rally and we need your help, please.

Thank you on behalf of Dodgers fans everywhere,

Congratulations from your friends at and on 60 years in blue – and for being the first person ever to have an MLBlog when you posted about Jackie back in April 2005. There’s only one Tommy Lasorda!


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