twitter.jpgDear Fans,

I know I’m only 82 years old but I have signed up for a Twitter account.  Now It will be like we are always together because I’ll be keeping you up to date with where I am, what I’m doing, who I am talking to and what I’m eating…

So sign up now to be my follower:


Welcome to the world of Twitter Tommy. Hey 82, thats not too old to tweet. I watched a lot of your teams beat up on my cubbies over the years, but didn’t most of them. And if you run across Alyssa Milano, don’t tell her I commented on your blog…because I always mention that the only one I read is hers. Now go figure that coming from a Cub fan…
Good Luck to the Dodgers in the postseason and tweet away. Take care of those Cardinals…
Hey, I may just have to sign up and follow you.

Hey Tommy, if you see me on twitter, I’m cubfancurt… from Jim Thome’s part of the woods in Illinois.

What are you doing….I am not pleased that the DODGERS are so CHICKEN they have to walk Pujols to Win. Everybody needs to PLAY FAIR AND PLAY THE GAME…WIN or LOSE! Rose.

that is great that you are twitting! Doesn’t matter if your 28 or 82! everyone can twitt!
going over to follow you..

Dear Tommy, You are truly my son’s hero and the Dodgers are the closest thing to his heart outside his loved ones. I wanted to tell you this for my son Rico. He passed away yesterday wearing his Dodger necklace. Everyone that knew Rico knew that he was always connected to the greatest team ever and to you who made them great. He went to every game he could and sometimes even got thrown out of Dodger Stadium for being too over zealous! I would watch a game with him and he could tell me about every player’s history and make every game so exciting! I used to tell him he should have been an announcer. I will miss seeing him wearing his Dodger T-shirts and listening to him yell and scream at every play. I just wanted you to know that. You and the Dodgers will always be a part of my life because you were such a happy part of my son’s life. Thank you, Christine V.

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