Two Former Dodgers: Mike Scioscia and Jim Tracy

Congratulations to Mike Scioscia and Jim Tracy for winning the AL and NL Manager of the Year Award.  I won the AP Manager of the Year award three times (’77, ’81, ’83), and the BBWAA NL Manager of the Year award twice (’83 and ’88).

Here are some pictures of Mike and Jim from their Dodger days:















Congratulations to Mike and Tracy! Mike was one of favorite Dodgers back when I started following my beloved Bums!
Tracy was nice to us fans.
Enjoy the offseason Tommy and don’t eat too much! We want you healthy!

Hi Tommy
It’s good to see former Dodgers, players and managers, win awards and I congratulate them but I get a sad feeling, that I can’t explain, when I see them wearing those other uniforms.
I also have favorite Dodgers of the past and it doesn’t feel right when I see their uniform numbers, not retired.
There are quite a few now in this category.
I know it’s because they’ve gone unrecognized by the Hall of Fame, but I still don’t know why the Dodgers don’t make more exceptions, like Junior Gilliam’s.
Hi Emma.

Hey Tommy,
I agree with Emma! All respects due to Mike and Tracy, but #14 should have been retired a long time ago! Maybe Gil will be in the Hall in 2011 and 14 will finally be retired.

Thanks Patti

Lets hope that Tracy gets into the Hall of Fame Too!

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