Welcome to Cooperstown Whitey and Doug


85 nlcs lasorda herzog 3.JPGCongratulations to Whitey Herzog and Doug Harvey for being voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veteran’s Committee on Manager and Umpires.  Both Whitey and Doug are very deserving of this honor as both men had distinguished careers and represented themselves to the highest degree of class, dignity and character.  Both men loved the game very much and spent their lives giving back to the game that gave so much to them.

Congratulations Whitey and Doug.  I’ll see you in Cooperstown.


“The Greatest Organization In All Of Baseball ”
For what it has brought to the game, the country and the world. Not just in the way of trophy’s and rings, but in the way of goodwill towards humanity, through steadfast leadership, and determined success. I beg of the caretakers of this great institution to carry on this legacy, and to concentrate their efforts toward the plights of all that has been brought forth in the past. To lead with righteous visions that can be looked upon for many generations to come. To carry on the standards that have been so treasured in the past. That they give more than just a ballgame to it’s patrons and followers. That they continue to open eyes that are closed, and to bestow a brightness that can be seen through out the test of time.
This is what brings forth Champions, and this is what Champions must bring forth. Otherwise the name will just becomes another piece of the game. Bought, sold and tossed aside, just like a used up ticket to nowwhere.

Congratulations, Mr Herzog on your induction…You lead the game with dignity and great sportsmanship. Thank you for your undetermined will to succed.

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