Some Christmas Memories

3 kids.jpg

Huging a little boy.jpg




Picture 075.jpg


Picture 086.jpg


HO! HO! HO! and GO! GO! GO! DODGERS!!!!

Tommy Merry X-MAS. Well santa what i want for X_MAS is for you and your staff to take a good look at a kid name JOSE ORTIZ. He playes in JAPAN for the SOFTBANK HAWKS. He plays 2nd base this stud got POWER {POWER POWER. I have been LA fan all my life. we have not had a good stick since J.Kent. with pop. If that kid can hit japan pithing he can hit anything. I belive he resides in California. Watch Youtube under JOSE ORTIZ BASEBALL. Hey DODGER fans tell me what you think. GO BLUE

that was from 2008. Wish we had a similar event in 2009.
Have a great 2010 year! Stay healthy, don’t eat too much!

I love Tommy doing his bit as Santa but he’s wearing RED??!! I’m sorry but Tommy Lasorda does not wear red! C’mon Dodgers, pony up the couple hundred bucks it will cost to make Tommy a DODGER BLUE Santa suit that he can be proud of!

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