Remembering Keli McGregor

A few weeks ago the Colorado Rockies, and the baseball world, lost a dear fiend, a consummate executive, and a strong leader in Keli McGregor, the President of the Colorado Rockies.  Keli died unexpectedly, and I miss him tremendously.  However, his legacy will be carried out by the Rockies on the field, and by his wife Lori and four children off the field.

When I met Keli for the first time he was a giant of a man standing 6’5″.  However, I quickly learned that he had a heart as big as his body with a personality that would shine throughout.  Keli and I became friends right off the bat.  I respected him so much because of the principled way in which he lived his life. 

He loved his family.

He loved God.

He loved our country.

And he loved being the president of the Rockies.

He lived his life and made his decisions based on two principles that I think are fundamental to a well-balanced life: love and respect.

Everybody who followed him, loved him.  Everybody who dealt with him, respected him.  Everybody who had the pleasure of being in his company felt loved and respected too because that’s how he lived his life, as giving love and respect is the only way of getting it back.

I will miss Keli, but as I watch the Rockies this season and beyond, I will remember him as a tremendous and outstanding man, and a great friend.


Mr Lasorda,
As a lifelong fan of yours (and baseball) and a dedicated Rockies fan since moving to Denver many years ago, I know your words are sincere. They are also greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Mr. Lasorda,

As a lifelong fan of yours (and baseball) and a dedicated Rockies fan since moving to Denver many years ago your words strike a chord with me as I’m sure they do with the whole baseball community. I know you are sincere, and the saying goes “Coming from you that means a lot.”

Thank you,

Douglas Boyle

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