Pasta in Boston


fiore-logo.gifIf you are ever in Boston and you are tired of the clam chowder, or just want a plate of pasta, go to Ristorante Fiore.

I was just in Boston for the series we played against the Red Sox, and I went to Fiore four times because it was so good.

Fiore built this restaurant with his bare hands, and he puts the same attention and care into everything that comes out of his kitchen.  I had pasta, of course, but I also had his eggplant parm, which was amazing.

Oh, and if you really have a craving for seafood, have the seafood platter as it is stacked with shrimp, oysters, calamari and huge crab legs.

Grazie, Fiore.


That is the thing I forgot to ask you at the breakfast at the Hilton. I wanted an Italian restaurant recomendation . Ok, next time I am in Boston.
Thanks Tommy! an see you at Dodger Stadium!

Speaking of patsa!!!
I read somewhere that when you would eat linguine before games you would have the red clam sauce if you were starting a right-handed pitcher and white sauce if you were throwin a lefty!
Bon Appetito Tommy!

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