The Great Yogi Berra


1978 ws lasorda berra.jpgEver year Toots Shor would honor the sportsman of the year at his restaurant in New York.  Yogi Berea was selected as the winner one year, and while the honor was well appreciated he had received it a few times before.

Since Yogi had won so many times in the past they didn’t know what to get him.  So instead they thought they would get something for his wife, Carmen.  They decided to get her a beautiful grandfather’s clock.

The big night came; they honored Yogi, and gave him the grandfather’s clock.  He stayed around till early in the morning having a couple drinks and telling stories.

He finally got up to leave and picked up the grandfather’s clock.  He carried it through the revolving door and outside onto the sidewalk.

As he came out carrying the clock a drunk bumped into him sending the clock to the ground.

Yogi yelled, “Hey, watch where you’re going!”

And the drunk yelled back, “Why don’t you wear a wrist watch like everybody else!”

All kidding aside, Yogi was a great sportsman, an outstanding Yankee and a true friend.  He has his locker in Cooperstown, he has his place in Yankees lore, he has the respect and admiration of baseball fans throughout the generations, and he will always have my friendship.

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That is a great story, Yogi Berra, had a lot of quotable, quotes. That is a pretty good hold you got there coach, I didn’t know you was a wrestler too! lol

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