The Blue Plate


untitled.JPGMy travels have taken me to Chattanooga, home of our double-A team, the Chattanooga Lookouts.  It is an outstanding town, as the people here are courteous and hospitable.  In fact, if you are ever here, amke sure you eat at the Blue Plate.  It is right around the corner from AT&T Stadium where the Lookouts play, bt more importanly, the food is delicious. 

When you go in, ask for Rob Gentry, and tell him Tommy sent you. 

And make sure you have the pancake!

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Hi Skipper,
Speaking of farm teams, I noticed you’d come to watch the Rookie-A team during their divisional playoff round. It’s absolutely wonderful that you still take the time (and effort) to visit with fans young and old. Not to mention your visible support to those first-year-pros with dreams of being the next Gibby, Newk or Sandy. I’m heading up there tonight to watch Red Patterson pitch a winner! Best wishes to you and your family. . .BeesGal (Salt Lake City, UT)

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