My 17th Hall of Fame Induction

Today I am being inducted into the Chattanooga Baseball Hall of Fame. Any time you are inducted it is an honor, and this induction will mark my 17th Hall of Fame. I am especially honored to be inducted tonight with Cal Ermer. Cal was an infielder, and later became the manager of the Washington Senators. When they moved ot Minnesota he moved with them and managed there for many years.

Cal and I are the first people to be inducted here in Chattanooga, which is a special distinction as well.  I was also the first person to be inducted into the Albuquerque Baseball Hall of Fame. Here is a list of all 17 Halls:

National Baseball Hall of Fame (1997)

Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame (2006)

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame (2006)

Italian American Sports Hall of Fame (1989)

California Sports Hall of Fame (2006)

Montgomery County Coaches Hall of Fame (2002)

South Atlantic League Hall of Fame (2001)

Albuquerque Baseball Hall of Fame (2007)

Louisiana Italian American Hall of Fame (1985)

Cleveland Italian American Hall of Fame

Rhode Island Italian American Hall of Fame

Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame (2009)

Inland Empire 66ers Hall of Fame (2009)

Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame (2010)

Brooklyn Professional Baseball Hall of Fame (2009)

Ogden Professional Baseball Hall of Fame (2009)


Congratulations Tommy, it couldn’t happen to a greater person. You’re the best.

Hope to see you here in Ogden soon.

Hello, You played ball with my dad (john jancse) IN 1956+ with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Dad turns 80 on August 15 and I know he would love to hear from you . We are planning a dinner in his honor and I was hoping you could call him. Please e-mail me if you have time . thank- you , jeff

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