Me and Vinny

Tommy and Vin Scully 1981.JPG


Congratulations on your Hall of Fame induction. Great to see Vin come back for 2011. Really appreciate all you do for the Dodgers and baseball.

Congratulations on your Hall of Fame induction. Glad to see Vin return for 2011. I really appreciate all you do for the Dodgers and baseball.

I love that picture Tommy! The news of Vin’s return next year was the best news of the season in a year that we have seen so much gloom.
Your blog came in at #32 in the August ranking! You should do a post on Sandy Koufax!
Your birthday and Sweet Lou is coming up this year!

Mr. Lasorda,

Growing up on a North Carolina tobacco farm I never thought I would ever see Dodger Stadium. At the age of 49 on Sept. 4, 2010 my dream came true as I walked into the house Mr. Omalley built.
I have been a Dodger fan since seeing Sandy when I was five. I first saw you as a miked up third base coach on a NBC Game Of The Week with Joe and Tony. You became my favorite DODGER because of the love you have for The Dodgers.
Tears flowed as I looked at the place where you and your teams gave me so many memories.
When I read what you said about Mr.Vin I wanted you to know that before ESPN you and Mr. Scully were our only voices for DODGER fans in my area.
Thank you for being The man. You taught us how to bleed DODGER BLUE.
A Carolina DODGER fan,
Howard Bray

As a fan from the 40s I can say I admire and respect Vin Scully more than anyone in sports for his integrity and as a gentleman. Tommy Lasorda has spent his life knowing Scully and has benefited form it for sure as he is the quintessentially Dodger, more than any other Dodger, ever. Tommy is in my personal Hall of Fame along with Scully, Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax.

Finally, are the McCourts gone yet?

Two of my most favorite people in all of sports.

Happy birthday, Tommy. Hope you had a great day.

Mr. Lasorda,

You deserve the honor. Your heart is as blue as mine. Sad to see our Dodgers didn’t do better this year, but 2011 starts a new season.

Since being a fan, I think Walt Alston and you were the best Dodger leaders. Wish Dodgers had more leaders like the two of you.

Its to bad that at the end of such an illustrious carreer you ended up working for a couple of creeps.
The legacy of the Los Angeles Dodgers is forever stained with the likes of Frank and Jamie McCourt.
Heres to better days.

Ah yes….there is always a dream every little boy wants to accomplish.One of my dreams came true at the 2010 All-Star Game. As I was waiting outside Angels Stadium for all of the players to arrive and walk on the red carpet, my cousin said “look turn around and see who just arrived”. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. My dream was about to come true. It was Mr. Tommy Lasorda. I was happy to meet you that day and get my first ever autographed baseball. Since 1988 (9 years old) I have been a Dodger Blue fan and will always be. Congratulations Mr. Lasorda for your great career with the Dodgers organization. Now I will continue to wait for my other dreams to come true. Hope Mr. Vin Scully can get to meet this true Dodger fan.

– Rafael Carbajal

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