Remembering Clyde King

Rest in Peace, Clyde King.

For those of you who didn’t know Clyde, or never even heard of him, he was a lifelong baseball man.  He held many important positions through our beloved game.  But I will remember him best as a teammate and friend.

I pitched with Clyde in Montreal, for the Montreal Royals, and in Brooklyn for the Dodgers.  He was a right-handed pitcher that for some reason or another always felt like he had a slight edge on whichever hitter he was facing.

Not only was he great on the field though, he was an outstanding family man, and a close and trusted friend.

Clyde was a disciple of the great Branch Rickey, which meant he knew the game of baseball better than most.  He combined that knowledge with his natural talents and pitched with all the drive and desire within his heart.

And he put his heart into every position he held in the game because he respected the game and he loved the game.

The last time I saw Clyde was in Washington D.C. as were guests of the President.  He was having a tee-ball game on the lawn of the White House.  I was there as a base coach and Clyde was there too.

Although he didn’t look as good as I hoped, he had was still on a ball field doing what he loved to do; baseball.

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This year in January I started maintaing a list of Brooklyn Dodger players that are alive. Sadly I am updating that list too often. I’ll put an updated list in January. Doing this I have become familiar with all the names there.
Rest in peace Clide King.

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