Al Michaels


IMG_0223.jpgLast night Al Michaels and Mary Heart were honored by the Paley Center for Media with a lifetime achievement award.  Both Al and Mary are good people and good friends.

Al asked me to say a few words about him at the dinner, which I was happy to do. 

I told this story:

In 1969 I was managing the Spokane Indians of the Pacific Coast League.  We played against the Hawaii Islanders, and in those days when you played I Hawaii you would play a seven game series with a double-header on Sunday.

While there I called Al Campanis, our GM, to talk about my players.  During the conversation I said that if he was ever looking for an outstanding radio play-by-play man I had just the man.  His name was Al Michaels and he is just starting out in the business.

Al asked me how I knew he was so good, and I told him that I had just been thrown out of the last four games and have been listening to his calls on the radio all week!

All kidding aside, Al has had an outstanding career.  He is a class man, and I am so proud of al he has accomplished.

In 1980 Al asked the world if we believe in miracles.

I’m not sure if you can describe his life and career as a miracle, but I certainly believe in Al Michaels.

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