Tommy at His Best – Doug Harvey

This umpire is not Doug Harvey

Here is my story from last night’s edition of Lasorda at His Best presented by Skechers:

I had a situation with Doug Harvey, the umpire, who is now in the Hall of Fame.  We were playing in Cincinnati and I put in a pinch runner, Dave Anderson.  We were one run down and Anderson is on second base and there is a base hit.  He comes around third and is thrown out at home.   If he scored he would have been the tying run.

I saw the third baseman bump Anderson as he rounded third.  I went out to talk to Doug and tell him what I was thinking.

“Didn’t you see the third baseman bump him?” I asked.

He said, “You know Tommy, I think you are losing your mind.”

“You want to know something Doug, I think you are losing your eye sight.  You just missed a call and it cost us the ballgame.”

The next morning I get up and read the morning paper.  In the game story the third baseman said, “If I hadn’t have bumped Anderson they would have tied the game.”

I go to the ballpark and when I got there Doug told me not to bring that paper with me or you’re gone!



Doug Harvey deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.  He did an outstanding job and represented Major League Baseball to the highest degree of class, dignity and character.


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