My New Blog Post

Here is my story from last night’s edition of Lasorda at His Best presented by Skechers:

I am very proud to be a Dodger for 62 years.  Being with the Dodgers is special, as it is the greatest organization in baseball.

You say you are a Padre and they say when did you become a priest?

You say you are a Twin and they say where is your brother or sister?

You say you are a Cardinal and they say work hard, next step is to be the pope.

But when you hear the word Dodgers, people know immediately it’s Major League Baseball.

You know, it’s amazing that I managed the Dodgers for 20 consecutive seasons.  There are only four guys who were able to do that: Connie Mack, but he owned the team so who was going to fire him? Then there was John McGraw, and he was part owner, number three was Walter Alston, my predecessor and then me.

Another thing I accomplished as Manager of the Dodgers is there are only two managers in the history of the National League that were able to win the pennant in their first two years: Gabby Street of the Cardinals did it in 1930 and ‘31, and I did it in 1977 and ’78.  Unbelievable.


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