Dreams Become Realities – New blog:

Here is my story from last night’s edition of Lasorda at His Best presented by Skechers:

In 1963 I was a scout for the Dodgers making $7,000 a year.   For the World Series that year, the Dodgers sat us so far up in the stands that when I looked at the players on the field they looked like midgets.

My wife was sitting next to me at the game and I said to her, “You see that dugout down there?  One day I will be managing the Dodgers in that dugout in the World Series.”

She laughed.

Fourteen years later I was in that dugout managing the Dodgers in the World Series against the New York Yankees.

Dreams become realties, but you have to work for them.  The path to success can only come down the avenue of hard work.  Set your goals high, and go after them with every bit of drive and determination you have within.

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