Blogging About Steve Sax:

Here is my story from last night’s edition of Lasorda at His Best presented by Skechers:

We were playing in Philadelphia and the sign was if you are on first base look at Reggie Smith, the first base coach, or listen to him because if he called you by your last name it means the steal sign is on.  We give the steal sign to Steve Sax, but he doesn’t go.  I gave it again and Sax still doesn’t go.  Sax calls time out and walks over to Reggie Smith.

When they came in to the dugout I asked Reggie what in the world was going on out there, but he didn’t want to tell me.

“Why did he call timeout Reggie?” I asked.

“I don’t want to tell you,” he replied.

“What do you mean you don’t want to tell me?”

“If I tell you, you are going to be really mad and we can’t stand it when you are mad.”

“You better tell me,” I insisted.

Reggie got the first sign and said, “Take a good lead Saxy.  Take a good lead Saxy.”  But he didn’t steal.

Reggie got the second sign and said, “Let’s go Saxy, take a good lead now.  Come on Saxy!”  But he didn’t steal again.  Instead he called time out and walked over to Reggie.  Now this is what I wanted to hear.

“Hey Reggie,” said Sax, “How long have you known me?”


“I’m serious Reggie, how long have you known me?”

“What, why?”

“Don’t you think you should start calling me by my first name?”

Hey, you can’t make these up.  But Steve Sax was like a breath of fresh air.  I love him very much and enjoy every minute we are together.

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