Blogging is outstanding:

Here is my story from last night’s edition of Lasorda at His Best presented by Skechers:

I was a moinor league manager in Ogden, Utah, and I can remember one time I was so mad at my players that I slammed the door shut.  The players were sitting in front of their lockers in line.  I started from the first player in line and went all the way down, hollering at each one of them.  Billy Buckner was first in line, and I said, “Don’t you ever get thrown out of another game!  I don’t like it!  You get thrown out before I can even get to the umpire and you are not going to do it again!”

And I continued hollering at each guy down the line.

The baseball coach at BYU asked me to sign one of his players.  He promised the player he would try to get him in professional baseball.  I was happy to sign the kid because he was great; he never smoked, he never drank, he never caused any problems, never talked back.

As I was going down the line of players he was coming up.  All the other players were anxious to hear what I was going to say to him because he was such a nice young man. 

When I got to him I said, “And you, I was just like you when I got into this game!”

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