Blogging about my buddy Don Rickles a.k.a. Mr. Charm:

Here is my story from last night’s edition of Lasorda at His Best presented by Skechers:

Don Rickles was so funny, even when he wasn’t acting or performing.  He has always been a real Dodger fan, and a good friend, so I thought I would make him my batboy.  We had already cinched the division, so I put him in uniform.

Although he was my batboy, I told him to go out to the mound and make the pitching change.

“What?!” he hollered.

So he goes out to the mound and I see him talking and talking and talking, but I don’t see the pitcher move.  The umpire calls to me in the dugout and wants to know what was going on out there.  They walk up to the mound, and who do they see but Rickles. 

They all shake hands with him and ask him for tickets when he performs in Las Vegas.

The pitcher didn’t want to come out of the game, but Rickles told him he had to go.  He refused to come out, so we let him finish the inning.

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