Blogging about the Penguin, Ron Cey:

My great friend and Hall of Famer, Joe Garagiola

Here is my story form yesterday’s edition of Lasorda at His Best presented by Skechers:

The first time they had me mic’ed is when Joe Garagiola asked the commissioner to put a live mic on me during a game.  This was the first time putting a mic on coach was ever going to be done, and Garagiola told the commissioner he had the right man for it, Tommy.

They gave me two innings.  I explained how I got signs from the manager and how I relay the signs to the players.  We didn’t have much action, 1-2-3 outs and the inning was over, but I had another inning coming.  There was a left-handed pitcher named Ken Frailing.  First guy up was Buckner, and he hits a line drive base hit.

 “Uh oh,” I said.  “Put the camera on his face.  This young man probably didn’t sleep a wink last night knowing he had to pitch to this great Dodger team.”

 The next guy hits a line drive and said, “You better get the married men off of the infield or somebody’s going to get killed out there.”

 And that’s when Ron Cey came up to bat. 

 “If he throws Penguin a low fastball he’s going to hit it right in those left field seats!”

 By golly there came a low fastball and the Penguin hit it into the bleachers.  They were upstairs in the booth in amazement that I could call a shot like that, so they gave me another inning which I enjoyed very much.

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