Blogging about the managers of the Giants:

Associated Press

Here is my story that aired on 790 KABC as part of the Lasorda at His Best series presented by Skechers:

As a manager it is your job to constantly be evaluating talent.   But that goes for judging talented managers too.  I have told people for a long time that Bruce Bochy is a good manager.  I’ve been telling people that since he was with the Padres, but he has done a great job for the Giants too.

He never won with the Padres, but he was their manager for a long time, and to go a long time as a team’s manager without winning means you have to be good.  But last year the Giants won the World Series and he finally got that gold ring.

Roger Craig was a teammate.  He was a former pitcher, just like me, and I thought he knew the game of baseball very well.  He liked to play Dodger baseball, with lots of running, a lot of stealing, a lot of bunting and a lot of squeezing.  As a manager you have to manufacture runs.  If your team can’t manufacture runs you are going to be in trouble.

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