Vin Scully is the greatest of all time:

Here is my story that aired last night on KABC 790 as part of the Lasorda at his Best series presented by Skechers:

The best way to describe Vin Scully is this: There was a time when the batter hit the ball and he was rounding the bases.  He slid in to third base, and the umpire called him safe.  But the fans didn’t believe it until Vin Scully said he was safe.

Vin is the greatest I’ve ever seen or heard.  He is a tribute to the Dodgers; he is a miracle man.  He has the greatest voice, and the tremendous ability to create a picture for people that were listening.  He makes you feel like you are at the ballpark watching the game in person.

He has helped me a lot.  When times were tough, after a tough loss, he was there for me and would build me up.  

I have never once heard him criticize anybody.  I have never once heard him say a bad word about anybody.  I never once heard him say no to anybody who wanted his picture or autograph. 

For me, Vin Scully is Mr. Dodger.  For over 60 years he has represented the Dodgers to the highest degree of class, dignity and character. 

I hope he never stops, because when he leaves God bless the man who is going to have to replace him.

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