My opinion of the Dave Kingman tape:

Upper Deck

Here is my story that aired last night on KABC 790 as part of the Lasorda at His Best series presented by Skechers:

Jim Healy played an interview on his radio show that I did with one of his correspondents.  The game was against the Chicago Cubs, and Dave Kingman hit three home runs and drove in eight runs in 15 innings. When the game was over I was dejected as you could possibly be.

I was sitting in my office all alone.  This man, who worked for Healy, comes in and asks, “What is your opinion of Kingman’s performance?”

I proceeded to tell him what my opinion was.

Of course, when Healy played it on air there were a lot of bleeps. 

I’ve been married now for 61 years.  I have never used one word of profanity in front of my wife, Jo, or my daughter Laura, or anybody else’s wife or daughter.  But that day, on the baseball field and in my office, I was bad.  I didn’t like Healy playing it but you can’t do anything about it. 

To this day, that interview has been played over and over and over, so many times that everybody in the world knows about the Kingman tape. 

I think they even translated it into Japanese.

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