You owe me Al Ferrara:

Al Ferrara

Here is my story that aired yesterday on KABC 790 as part of the Lasorda at His Best series presented by Skechers:

During spring training in Vero Beach, we used to have guards.  We would have guys staying up late on patrol to catch guys coming back to the barracks after hours.  One night I was on patrol, and I see someone coming in late so I followed him.  He was crawling through the window when I grabbed him by his belt and pulled him out.

It happened to be Al Ferrara, a good friend of mine.

“Tommy look, I went over to someone’s house and I fell asleep,” he said.  “Please don’t turn me in.”

“Ok, Al, I won’t turn you in,” I said.  “But don’t let it happen again!”

Years later when I moved out to California to scout I had to make a speech in Anaheim.  By that time Al was in the big leagues.  I invited Al to come to the affair with me, but he didn’t want to go.

“Remember when I didn’t turn you in?” I reminded him.

He came to the affair.

I invited him to m next speech, but he didn’t want to come.

“Remember when I didn’t turn you in?”

He came to the speech.

After about eight or nine times of bringing him with me he finally said, “Why didn’t you turn me in?!”

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