A memory from the 1980 All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium:

Ken Griffey

Here is the story that aired last night on 790 KABC as part of the Lasorda at His Best series presented by Skechers:

When Chuck Tanner managed the 1980 National League All-Stars he picked me to be one of his coaches.  The game was played right here at Dodger Stadium.  The score was tied, or we were a run behind, when he told me to get a pinch hitter, as Tommy John was pitching for the American League.

I told him I had just he guy, Ken Griffey.

“No Tommy,” he said.  “Tommy John is a left-hander.  You know that.”

“I know that Chuck,” I said.  “But you have to put him in.”

He couldn’t understand why, but he did.  The first pitch Griffey hit a ball over the 370 sign, which is exactly what he did the year before when Tommy John was pitching for me and Griffey was with Cincinnati.  Het hit a home run over he 370 sign against us, but he hit the same homer for us during the All-Star Game.

And who do you think the MVP the 1980 all-Star Game was?

Ken Griffey.

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